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The Rise of E-book Nation

This post was inspired by a recent inci­dent. I ended up vis­it­ing a book store on Sun­day and came home with three books only to come to the hard real­iza­tion that own­ing the hard copy was get­ting to be very bur­den­some in terms of porta­bil­ity. I finally had this flash of insight that I could eas­ily just pur­chase these titles online and read them from my iPad. Need­less to say, I will be return­ing these books very shortly. Would love to hear your stance on hard copy vs. e-books? Is it more con­ve­nient? Is it bet­ter for our envi­ron­ment? Does it lead to more sales or more pirat­ing? In the mean­time, enjoy the info­graphic below.

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